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500g Assorted Arabic Sweets

500g Assorted Arabic Sweets

Half a kilo of a variety of original Arabic sweets, including

5 Pieces Mabroome: Prepared from golden dough threads, stuffed with the finest types of excellent pistachios and fried in the most delicious and saturated oils.

7 pieces of pistachio nest: finely wrapped golden kunafa dough threads stuffed with the finest roasted pistachios.

7 Pieces Baklava With Cashews: Two layers of baklava dough sheets stuffed with crushed cashews and baked in premium butter and sweetened with a light sugar.

7 Pieces Pistachio Fingers: The special baklava dough flakes are carefully rolled and stuffed with pistachio nuts and baked with the most delicious types of butter.

10 pieces of Lisan Asfoor: prepared from flakes of baklava dough spread on two layers with a layer of excellent pistachio granules between them and cut into very small pieces and baked with the best types of butter and sweetened with light sugar.

21 Pieces of Cashew Fingers: made of special baklava dough flakes which are carefully rolled and stuffed with amazing cashew nuts and baked with the most delicious types of butter.

Ingredients: pistachio, cashew, ghee, flour, sugar.

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Keep at a temperature below 18 ° C

Keep in a cool, dry and dark place.

 Do not be exposed to light.

  • Model: Assorted-Arabic-Sweets-500g
  • Weight: 500.00g
550.00 TL
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