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About Us

Soli Sweets was established by Mr. Bassam Nasher in 2014 and it is a company specialized in producing the finest authentic Arabic sweets that are famous in the Middle East. Soli Sweets exports its products to Europe, America and all over the world. It also produces western sweets, chocolates, icecreem, and Arabian delights.

Soli Sweets are delicious and delicious-looking products that are prepared with the highest quality standards and baked in sophisticated ovens by the most skilled Syrian chefs with long experience. It is also free of any preservatives.

Soli Fresh baklava assortment has a rich flavor which reflects the flavor of the middle eastern passion in the finest gourmet sweet desserts. It is a dessert that combines finest pastry flaky dough layers stuffed by shredded fresh pistachio walnuts and flavored with original natural Arabic ghee and sugar syrupis.

Our mission is to choose the ingredients for our dishes and sweets at the highest level of quality. Our goal is to deliver orders in the best form, taste, and best standards.